Mahalaya Paksham

Mahalaya Pakshalu will start from 03/09/20 to 17/09/20.

Importance of Pitru Paksha According to Hindu religion, it is of paramount importance for a son to perform Pitru Paksha for his ancestors to keep them content and to repay the debt of being nurtured by them. In return, the ancestors bless them with health, wealth, knowledge, longevity and also clear the passage towards heaven for them, when they die. Most Hindus believe that without the blessings of their ancestors, no work that they undertake, will ever be successful.

Ticket : 1000/-



Mahalayapaksham 2020 Dates

Thidhi Date
Padyami 03/09/2020
Vidhiya 04/09/2020
Thadhiya 05/09/2020
Chathurdhi 06/09/2020
Panchami 07/09/2020
Shashti 08/09/2020
Sapthami 09/09/2020
Ashtami 10/09/2020
Navami 11/09/2020
Dasami 12/09/2020
Ekadasi 13/09/2020
Dwadasi 14/09/2020
Thrayodasi 15/09/2020
Chathurdasi 16/09/2020
Amavasya 17/09/2020