About Temple

The son of the sage Atri and the holy lady Anasuya was Dattathreya, having three forms of the lord`s Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. He was born in Paadagaya Kshetram at Pithapuram. This is written in fifth chapter of Gurucharita written by Sree Vasudevada Saraswati Swamy in the following way.

In the delta plain of the Eela river, in pithapuram Kshetram there lived Sumati and Appalaraju sarma shrotriya Brahmin couple. They practiced vedickaramas with holiness. Sri Raja Simha sharma made sacrifices to satisfy devas, forefather sages and Brahmins. Sumathi also followed her husband in all aspects, doing the service of her husband as a true devoted wife by Purvajanmakarma, they had no children. The two sons borm to them were blind, deaf and dumb. So, they were feeling sad . They always worshipped Dattadevi in padagaya kshetram with utter devotion. Oneday, the annual ceremony of his father came. Sumathi was preparing everything for that ceremony. To test them Dattatreya came in the guise of a sage for Bhiksha. At that time Raja Simha Sharma was not in the housem Sumathi gave biksha to the sage without thinking break of ceremony. Dattatheya was pleased very much for that and asked Sumathi to ask for any boon . Then Sumathi requested him to be born as their son. He granted that boon as they were his true devotees. Afterwards Raja Simha Sharma came and knew this news and felt glad. He thought that it was not an error to give bhiksha and it would satisfy his forefathers. Then they finished ceremony. Dattatreya was born as their son Sri Paada Srivallabha to Sumathi and Raja Simha Sarma couple. Swamy showed many leelas even in childhood. He took sanyasam in boyhood, he removed physically handicapped nature of his brothers on his mothers request. He showed Jnanayoga to the devotees and fulfilled their desires. By his powers, he made foolish people into wise men, the poor into the rich, blessed the couples without children and gave them children, ordinary people into lords. Sripada Sri Vallabha was born in Paadagaya Kshetram. The old temple here is a divine place.