About Temple

Pithapuram is an ancient & holy Punya Kshetram. It is the 10th Shakti Peetham among the Aastadasa peetha's(18). As the seat place(Peetha) of Satidevi has fallen on this , it is called Pithapuram.

The feet of demon Gayasura lied in the pool infront of a temple. The primal diety of this place is Lord Shiva in the form of Cock.

Sripada Sri Vallaba was born as Dattatreya Swamy in this place. So,It has become the main Avatara Kshetram of Dattatreya. The great poet "Srinadha" wrote in Bheemeswara Purana that the four places that give Solvation or Moksha are (Banaras)Varanasi, Kedaram, Kumbhakonam and Pittapuram. This place which is one among the Trigaya Kshetras has become famous as padagaya. Shiva is the Primal deity as this was Swayam Bhuva Divya Saiva Kshetram.

Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi is a powerful Goddess being worshipped in Pithapuram. It is believed that this Goddess fulfill all our desires. She is also called Kumara Gananadhamba as she sits in between her two sons Kumara Swamy on one side and lord Ganesha on the other side.

It is said that "PINDA PRADANAM" Performed here acquires Salvation. The last rights performed here is equal to the rights performed at Kasi.